Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Best attended meet ever as HRH marks 60 years!

To think we were worried that our hosting the penultimate round of the national 2011/12 season would be a bust, coming as it did on a giant bank holiday to mark the Queen's Jubilee.

In the end 20 people raced, making it the most people to attend a LHORC meeting to date.

So 20 is how many 'members' we have slowracer, to answer your question!

There were wins for Martin Hill in only his second appearance of the season (Pro-Mod), a stonking win in Mod for Paul Rose, trying that class for the first time, two more wins for Andy Whorton (OW and LMP1), another Nascar win for Dave Hannington and a Main Grade win for WHO's Mike Dadson.

As per usual, eahorc.com has all the details, photos etc etc.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Best meeting yet?

On Sunday just gone we hosted yet another EAHORC race, this time round 2 of their 2010/11 season. Forced by a lack of tables in the smaller room to make the best of it in the larger but more cluttered back room, we came through with the best track to date.

Needless to say the feedback from the racers means we will be hoping to use the same room next year as well. Fingers crossed.

Their were wins for Martin Hill, Julian Allard, Craig Homewood and Roy Masters.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Huge turnout at ''Edmo''

The club had it's most succesful meeting to date, with 19 attending the EAHORC National yesterday.

Wins for Martin Hill, Andy Player and Dave Rouse.

eahorc.com has all the details....

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

EAHORC round 6

We hosted our final race of the year on June 28th, and it was another success. 15 attended the sixth EAHORC National of 2009, with Martin Hill and Andy Whorton amongst the winners. LHORC scored four points less than last month, beaten by MBR HO and HOSS.

eahorc.com has all the stats and pictures.

Monday, May 18, 2009

EAHORC 2009 round 5

eahorc.com will shortly have all the photos and stats from our latest National hosting event at ''Edmo'' (as the Churchfields site is almost universally known as now) yesterday.

I was in poor form, but John Ovens and Tony Ryder did the club proud, the latter winning Wizzard class in some style, and we ended up with a 'home win' in club class. Well done lads.

Round 6 of the EAHORC season will be at Edmo again on June 28th, I am already thinking about the track plan!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Another great EAHORC meeting

Sunday saw round nine of the 2008 EAHORC Championship take place at our Edmonton venue, the third such meet at that site and our fourth one since we started.

Turnout was very good and three innovations made their debuts, clear barriers, routed track (partial) and Trackmate timing.

For a full report check out eahorc.com

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

3rd race now complete!

We just hosted round six of the EAHORC championship on June the 1st. Only a 60' track and 'only' an attendance of 11 but still a very fun day. Check out eahorc.com for all details.

There were wins for Martin Hill, Deane Walpole, Andy Whorton and Roy Masters.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

EAHORC Round 4

We hosted round 4 of the 2008 EAHORC championship and it was a major success!

Good turnout, good atmosphere and some very close racing in Modified and Nascar classes.

Full details are now up at www.eahorc.com

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Pictures as promised

Click play arrow to see the new venue in action, including John Ovens crazy quick Lexan Minis on tyco chassis.

Second meeting!

Sorry for the lack of posts since last summer.

Finchley fell through as a possible venue sadly. But we soon bounced back

We will be hosting Round four of the EAHORC national championship on April 13th (Sunday). After the venue woes we have moved to a venue in Edmonton. The venue is Old Tottonians RFC Churchfields, Great Cambridge Road (A10), adjacent Harrow Drive, London, N9 9NQ.

Full details will be available on eahorc.com

There is not as much space as Leyton but we still hope to give you a fast and challenging track. Later today I will post a slideshow of pictures from a fun night John Ovens conducted for some work colleges now that I know how to do so.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Change of Venue

Sadly I found out last week that the Conservative Club are selling their premises in Leyton, so no more national races will be held there. Luckily though we have a venue in Finchley lined up that will be even cheaper.

Once we move John Ovens track into the new venue, we can then start to think about what kind of layout to add to it. We will post pictures once this process begins.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

BSCRA Affiliation

Today LHORC applied for Affiliation to the British Slot Car Racing Association. EAHORC already has a good standing with several people within that organisation and it seemed only fair whilst building on that (or trying to) to stump up a little money!

Our sister Club HOSS is also considering a similar move, and they already have something major (I should say huge) lined up with BSCRA, news of which will probably break on the EAHORC forum nearer the time.

We will also be working with HOSS on a display at this event - please come along if you can.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Irons in the fire!

Early days yet and I'm keeping my cards close to my chest but it looks as if yesterdays meet may have given us the possibilty of a permenant venue in which to hold regular weekday meetings. Watch this space!!

First LHORC meeting breaks record!!

Well, that went quickly! It does not seem long ago I found the venue and booked it and now our first ever race, an EAHORC national, is behind us. I'm very happy to say we introduced lots of new people to HO and handily broke the record for attendance of an EAHORC meeting, extending it from 17 to 21.

Jim Kelly came within an ace of coming back to form at full bore, but lost the F1 final in the last couple of seconds to Martin Hill. So Martin instead took another clean sweep, and heads three EAHORC championships. Jim and Jamie Kelly (no relation) were the other 2 stars of the meet, although young Jacqs Morgan ran them close with an amazing 20.5 in one of her Can class heats to take the juniors gold medal.

Check out the EAHORC website for all the details later in the week.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

New Logo

Planning for the February race is now well under way, including a track planned around the limited amount of tables and EAHORC extenders. Only 7 weeks to go!

In the meantime please enjoy our new Logo....

Monday, September 04, 2006


Directions to the Venue can be found here

Official: LHORC first date booked

I spoke to Derek at the ConClub today and booked the date for our first ever race meeting. The date is Feb 18th, 2007 and it will be either round 2 or the opening round of the 2007 EAHORC championships (probably round 2). You can find directions, rules and everything else you will need in due course at the EAHORC site http://www.eahorc.com but I will likely post some stuff here too so as to beef the site up.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Venue found!

It looks as if the Leyton Conservative Club building will be the home of LHORC! The room in mind is large, downstairs and just off the bar! It seems possible that some of the local members and their kids may give the racing a go so the news is (nearly) perfect.

The only problem my be that there are not many tables and so the bridges I made will have to be used and (possibly) more made. However, we will be racing in the capital city and in a nice area - and all for £40 a time, so I guess a bit more DIY will not kill me!

I'm hoping to have a more detailed look, with John Ovens, to check out measurements, lighting etc.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I'm heading off tomorrow to look at a possible venue. The initial visit will be a fact-finding mission to be followed-up, should there be potential, by a more detailed look around with John Ovens.

You can learn a little about the venue here:http://www.toryclubsuk.net/leyton/index.htm

Full report by the end of the week.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Another eahorc venue?

Over at the EAHORC site, their is a tidbit about venues for 2007 in the news and discussion section. You'll need an account but that takes mere seconds to get and there is lot of other good stuff on the forum including pictures of new cars.

Check out www.eahorc.com

Monday, May 29, 2006

More good news

I recently heard back from The leyton Conservative club. Despite the fact they have a very imposing looking building on the high street and a nicely equiped snnoker room it does appear they are open to a similar arrangement enjoyed by Mussel Bay Raceway with the Con Club up at kings Lynn.

It seems there are two or three possible rooms, and LCC are not looking for much in the way of rent (anything above nothing, to take a phrase from their email) so it could come down to available dates and things like power sockets, tables etc.

Watch this space!

Sadly I also learnt over the bank holiday weekend that Doug Passell up at Chesterfield has decided to pack in weekend races, no idea why at the moment. A lot us of started out racing HO thanks to Doug so it is a sad announcement.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Mixed news

As often happens, I have had some good news and some not so good. Luckily the good outweighs the bad. I have been in contact for some little while with two of the people who used to go to the HOSRA races in Newbury , Berkshire. The upshot is that the venue will be returning to HO next year as part of the EAHORC series. This has given me added incentive to get a good venue for LHORC as it would mean being part of a three-club championship.

Sadly, the prospect of racing in Hertford hasn't panned out as Sunday racing turned out not to be viable. So, the search goes on....

Sunday, May 21, 2006


OK, I have now posted some links that should set out a little more clearly what is what.

EAHORC stands for English Association of HO Racing Clubs. They oversee a championship based on races at weekends. At the moment all the races are held at the MBR club in Kings Lynn, Norfork but LHORC hopes to be on board for next year. Check out www.eahorc.com

The NSCC (National Slot car Club) run the huge event at Epsom each year, this year's event being dubbed 'slot rally GB'. There are links to both the SRGB and parent sites.

If you wish to be added to the links just let me know, be aware though that you must reciprocrate!

So what is the deal then?

LHORC is an attempt to at last have a meaningful HO club in or around the UK capital. Our main event this year will be running the HO 'table' at this year's NSCC event in Epsom, Surrey. More on this later.

In the meantime we already have a logo!


We are currently looking for venues in and around North London.

Suggestions welcome

LHORC is go

Welcome to the website for the London HO Racing Club